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  • At SPA, we don’t wait for your call. When we see opportunities you can move on, or risks to mitigate, we take the lead and let you know. Proactive accounting advice matters because the growth of your business is being shaped right now. Reactive, transactional accounting may show your tax position last year. But it can’t answer the immediate question: what’s your next move? Find out more
  • Are your accounts constantly playing catch-up? You need to know your current financial position, not be constantly caught up with last year’s tax return. The solution is an online accounting system that works in real-time. And SPA brings years of experience integrating cloud accounting: we make the solution work for the way you do business. When your day-to-day accounts are running smoothly, you gain the space to step back, and look to what’s ahead. Find out more
  • You’re facing the big questions: how do I scale up sustainably? What’s the legacy I’m leaving for my employees – or my family? Facing those questions on your own, you wonder if you’re missing out on vital information — or a simple solution to unlock the whole problem. SPA provides that sounding board. Accountants who’ve helped businesses like yours before, and who bring all of that experience to bear. Advisers who listen — who don’t impose their assumptions, but tailor a solution from the ground up. So you can move forward with confidence. Find out more
  • Add another line of defence to your financial management. Is your in-house finance team stretched beyond capacity? You need extra resources you can call on when needed: everything from helping run payroll, to cross-checking your board reporting. We take on whatever tasks you need, all while looking for ways to build up your in-house financial capability and confidence. Find out more

Our approach

Our service is both highly professional and deeply personal. We take the time to get to know your business, your staff — and you.  Where do you want to be — in business, and your own life?

Once we understand your goals, we build a complete financial management service out from that centre.  From tax to succession planning, we have experts on hand and ready to help.

Understanding your goals is also what equips us to be so proactive.  When we see where you want to be, we’re able to think two moves ahead.

“SPA show us how to achieve our goals.  We couldn’t have moved as fast as we did without their help.” – Glen Webster, Managing Director, OFM Direct

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