About us

At SPA, we see a better way of delivering accounting services.

Conventional accounting can be too focused on transactions and process. As a client, you feel like you’re on the conveyor belt. You’re always running in reactive mode, from crisis to crisis. As a business owner, it’s draining and distracting. There’s no room to look ahead.

You’re looking for an accountant who’ll help you to take a step back. Who’ll ground their advice in the fundamental questions. What are your goals? Is your business set up to get you there?
SPA Accounting exists to give you that level of strategic advice and quality service.

For us, quality means having robust systems in place — that’s essential. It also means being a full-service accounting firm — offering financial services for every stage of your business growth.

Because when the fundamentals are taken care of, it clears a space for you to finally look ahead.  You can see the opportunities you want to pursue. You have a plan behind you, and a team of advisers who’ll work alongside you from start to finish.

“SPA are at the top of their game, and at the forefront of their industry — that gives us enormous confidence.” – Jonathan Tanchevski, Director, Classic Constructions

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