Are you getting the most out of cloud accounting?

Many of the business owners we meet have signed up to cloud accounting, but that’s where they stop.  They’re still doing accounting the same way, so they’re not making the most of the opportunities.

At SPA, we use both traditional and cloud-based accounting systems — depending on our client’s needs.  From our experience, here are the five main reasons we encourage clients to fully implement cloud accounting.

  1. Allows you to review business performance and make business decisions based upon current “live data” (not last year’s tax return).
  2. Cloud Accounting can significantly reduce the time and cost associated with data entry and bookkeeping — if set up correctly.
  3. Your accountant can have direct access via the internet to your financial information. No more sending data files by email only to have them bounce back —or dropping in USBs to the accountant’s office.
  4. Software is automatically updated, so you don’t need to schedule ongoing back-ups.
  5. You can integrate “Smart Reporting” modules for tailored, higher level business functionality and management reporting.

 Contact us to find out if cloud accounting is a good fit for your business.